IVEGA’s automatic feeding system is both cost effective and time saving. It can be used to rear chickens, floor hens, turkeys and ducks and provides an excellent start to any kind of Poultry.

IVEGA provides a range of pan feeders without grill suitable for broilers and turkeys, allows easy access to the feed and achieves excellent results. With individual shut-off system, these pan feeders are the consequence of many years of study and research in the Poultry field.

The first model of pan feeder, TC, is for broilers from day-old to maturity. The TC pan feeder feeds Young chicks right from the start and keeps the chick out the pan.

The second model, TCA, has a special anti-waste ring available for turkeys from 7-14 weeks of age. This is easy to assemble and increases the distance to the feed and avoids any wastage. Anything that is left is returned to the plate.

As with all IVEGA’s products, the quality and design of these feeders is treated with their traditional care, safety and efficiency.

They are manufactured in high strength plastic with UV protection incorporating the latest manufacturing techniques.

IVEGA offers all the utilities for the installation of complete lines with this automatic feeding system as the automatic control and stop systems, the mid-line control pan, high quality 3 meter galvanized tubes with 3 or 4 holes, auger, compact power units with gear-motor and double security stop device, admission hopper for 50kg of food and height adjustment system with reinforced winch.