Backyard poultry is an agricultural activity of great importance in rural communities in many countries. It is characterized by the low investment required and the ease of carrying it out.

This activity strengthens the well-being of families in the countryside, since it takes full advantage of family labor and is an important source of goods. Providing healthy products of high nutritional value such as eggs, as well as surpluses for sale, generating income to meet other needs.

The advantages of backyard bird breeding are its short life cycle, so they have great capacity to produce eggs and meat in a short time. The little space required to raise them. And the low minimum investment in materials and infrastructure needed to obtain good quality products.

For clean and quality egg production, IVEGA manufactures the modular system of plastic cages for laying hens. This system allows you to expand the installation as your egg production grows. Furthermore, due to its plastic structure, it allows easy and rust free washing and disinfection of the cage. Another advantage that its plastic design has, is to avoid small wounds caused by the metallic structure of other cages.