Spares and standalone pieces for maintenance.

IVEGA has a large stock of sheaves, winches, and cables for lifting feeder and drinking systems. Troughs, ropes, spouts for feeder and drinking systems for barns and poultry houses. And many other elements for the maintenance of poultry houses in production.

For automatic waterer nipple systems, we offer pipes, flexible joints, pressure regulators for poultry waterer lines with one or two outputs. We also have the supports needed for floor or cage installation. We also have stock of original IMPEX peaks from the Netherlands, models 10012 for chickens and 10013 for hens.

For the automatic feeding systems we also have motor units, automatic stop and cut systems for the plates and for the entrance hoppers. We sell winches, sheaves of 22, 45 and 90 mm, ropes, cables and height regulators for the lifting systems. We manufacture the plates, pipes, plastic intake hoppers and all the components that make up the ivega feeding systems. Most of this items are compatible with other brands.

For the maintenance of fogging cooling systems, we have NAAN and METAFIN peaks of 7 l/h that work at 4.5kg of pressure, as well as spare parts.

About the stoves or brooders, we always have spare parts for the stoves that IVEGA offers as well as alternative spare parts for the majority of stoves present in the Argentine market.

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