IVEGAoffers lineal nipple systems for broilers with the original 10012 IMPEX nipple with soft 360° triggering of young birds. The nipples are closed by both a stainless steel ball and pin in s/s seatings. As the water supply is low, no drip cup is needed.

In our factory the poultry nipples are mounted in three standard nipple distances (20, 25 and 30 cm) in a square PVC tubing in 3.00 m lengths.  The nipple lines are suspended by a winch system with hanging points at 2,5 or 3 meter intervals.

The soft triggering of young birds allows smaller volumes of water to be delivered while the more aggressive triggering of older birds allows larger volumes of water to be delivered. This precise water delivery feature allows the birds to consume the necessary amount of water during all the growth period.


For laying hens IVEGA offers complete nipple systems with the original IMPEX nipple model 10013, As the water supply is higher, a drip cup is needed to catch the spilling water of the birds.

This precise water delivery feature allows the hens to consume the necessary amount of water.

IVEGA's Layer nipple systems are designed to delivery the exact amount of water necessary for optimum egg production. By means of the multi-stage metering pin, birds are able consume the desired amount of water by triggering the flow pin.

IVEGA offers you all components and accessories to arm and parts of these drinking systems as the pressure regulators, the PVC tubing connectors, the drinking nipples, the drip cups, the fastening clamps, wall and ceiling winches, pulleys and mounting parts.

Sistema de bebedero nipple para galpones de produccion de pollos IVEGA